Photo Reportage: Demonstration for Borders to Open for Loved Ones Outside EEA/EU

Photo: André Percy Katombe (Sonrise Picture) for The Oslo Desk.

OSLO_ Wednesday evening, 40-50 demonstrators gathered outside the Norwegian parliament in hope to pressure the government to change the travel restrictions to allow their loved ones from outside the EEA/EU borders to visit them in Norway.

The initiator of the demonstration, Tormund Møkleby, whose fiancée is from the Philippines founded a Facebook group, called “Oss med familie eller kjæreste i utlandet under Covid-19 2020″ which translates as “Us with family or loved ones aboard under Covid-19 2020”. It now has over 3000 members.

“We believe love and family are just as important if not more than work travels,” Møkleby said. “We believe it’s unfair that visiting your loved ones is considered tourism. In Denmark, they are able to see that girlfriends and boyfriends are not the same as tourists, and have already opened up the borders for those that could prove their relationships.”

Møkleby was touched by the stories he heard from members who some he said has children and want to help them fight for their rights too.

The current travel regulations only permit students, workers with technical competence, and tourists within EEA/EU into Norway.

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Ka Man Mak

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