Panel Discussion: Media Representation and Inclusive Newsrooms in Norway

Press Release

How do Norwegian newsrooms prevent media bias and improve media representation of intersectional identities?

Oslo, Norway –  The Oslo Desk is gathering together journalists, editors, diversity and inclusion specialists, and researchers to discuss how Norwegian newsrooms can prevent media bias and improve media representation. The thought-provoking discussion looks to rethink about Norwegian journalism through the lens of news producers and news consumers from immigrant or racialised backgrounds.

The panel discussion, which is free and open to the public, will take place on Tuesday 22nd August, at Pressens Hus, between hours 1445 to 1630. Participants are welcome to bring some food and snacks with them. Coffee and tea are provided.

Ka Man Mak, founder and award-winning investigative journalist of The Oslo Desk will be moderating the panel discussion. Mak was publicly voted for Blaze Inclusion Award 2022 in Norway for media representation and recently completed a 3-yearlong investigation on violence against women of minority background in the context of Norwegian support systems and family law.

The panelist includes Sumeet Singh Patpatia, Schibsted´s first Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging; Mari Skurdal, Editor-in-Chief of Klassekampen; Cristina Archetti, Professor in Political Communication and Journalism at the University of Oslo; Tim Solwoong Kim, a South Korean film producer and communication consultant; and Sevda Barazesh, a journalist at Avisa Oslo.

Before the panel discussion begins, the key findings from Tim Solwoong Kim master’s thesis on Norwegian media and migrant integration from the perspectives of news consumers and news producers; and study of Norwegian media portrayal of immigrants during COVID-19 pandemic by Professor Cristina Archetti and Banafsheh Ranji will be presented.

There is no doubt that news media plays a key role in shaping our perspective and informing us on events that are happening in our society. However, media bias exists and often marginalised communities are vulnerable to the negative narrative that impact their individual lives, and is often used as a targeted prop for political parties to perpetuate hate and xenophobia.

So how do we prevent media bias and obtain media representation so that we do not impact marginalised groups in our Norwegian society?

Language: English
Date and Time: 22nd August 2023, 14:45 – 16:30
Place: Pressens Hus, Skippergata 24, Oslo
Price: Free

Registration link: https://forms.gle/J1YwUSQiaWqTnjkVA

1445 – Doors open. Registration
1500 – Welcoming remarks.
– Short intro of The Oslo Desk
– Short film: Media and Migrant Integration in Norway by Tim SolWoong Kim
– Key findings from Prof. Cristina Archetti on the portrayal of immigrants in Norwegian media during the COVID-19 pandemic
1530 – Panel discussion
1615 – Q&A session
1630 – END

Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/1kJIyEcPl

About The Oslo Desk

The Oslo Desk is an online journalism magazine that focuses on inclusive voices from marginalised communities and empowering immigrant journalists. The Oslo Desk is the first English-language newsroom that puts diversity in the media on the agenda with an emphasis on constructive journalism; which focuses on exploring possible solutions to systemic problems.

Ka Man Mak

Ka Man is an investigative journalist, documentary photographer, and social entrepreneur, as well as the founder of The Oslo Desk. She is a British-born Hong Konger residing in Oslo, Norway. She holds a Master in Environmental Geoscience and have taken numerous diplomas including child psychology, and a course in big data analytics at OsloMet. Made numerous publications in newsletters, magazines and Norwegian newspapers. Interested in edtech, constructive journalism, women in migration, Cantonese language, alternatives to capitalism and asylum policy.