Oslo Protest: Clashes at Anti-Islam Rally Over Ripped Pages of Quran

Saturday noon, clashes broke out at the rally organised by the Stop Islamization of Norway (SIAN) group outside the Norwegian parliament building, when a female member torn pages out of the Quran and spat on it.

Approximately 300 counter-protestors Oslo against racism (Oslo mot rasisme) and SIAN demonstrators gathered near the parliament, with counter-protestors banging drums and chanting “No racists in our streets,” during the peaceful start of the demonstration.

Police used pepper spray and tear gas to break up the rival groups, which eventually ended the SIAN rally early.

Angry counter-protestors hurled eggs and chairs at the police, and attempted to jump police barricades to disrupt the SIAN protest. Some even began kicking police vans and climbing on top of the vehicles.

According to Norwegian public broadcaster NRK, police arrested 29 people, several of whom were minors. A similar incident has also been compared with clashes at a protest in the Swedish city, Malmo on Friday where a Danish right-wing extremist burned a copy of the Quran.

Text by Ka Man Mak
Photo and Filmed by André Percey Katombe

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