How We Empower

The Oslo Desk’s hands-on work locally

The Oslo Desk is dedicated to bringing a vision of empowering internationals with minority background through our uniquely designed civic engagement projects in Norway.

The Oslo Desk is going beyond the regular journalism educational programmes. Media is a powerful medium that can influence people’s opinion, action and choices. We need to carve a new, inclusive and diverse narrative together.  

In Norway, only 1% of journalists have a minority background according to The Norwegian Union of Journalists (NJ) in 2014. Whilst efforts are being made but not fast enough.

The Oslo Desk envisions a world where everyone - of diverse color, ethnic background and cultural identity will find a place of belonging in their community -where there is mutual understanding, safety to be who they are and space for them to have a voice, so that they cannot only contribute to society but transform it for the better.

We are committed to empowering internationals with minority background through our civic engagement projects such as teaching and training programmes in journalism. We believe that to enable all citizens to actively participate in our democratic society, they must make informed choices. Therefore civic engagement, diverse voices and media literacy all go hand in hand.

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Intensive Journalism Training Program 2018

In 2018, with the support of Oslo Municipality’s grant, we are able to run our pilot training program to primarily teach refugees and migrants basic journalism skills, where they are able to storytell through text, photo and video. We partnered up with OsloMet’s Value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship team (VIE) and Purple Dragons Collaborative Tale (filmmaking community).

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