How We Create Change

“A truth that matters can’t stay hidden.” -Neal Sampat, The Newsroom TV serie

Photo: Joe Desousa/Unsplash

Our Philosophy

We have a long ways to go before we all live in a society that is free of fear, hatred and discrimination. Where all people, no matter their background, are valued as human beings – worthy of respect, belonging and opportunity, and who are acknowledged for the contributions they bring to the table.

The problem of racism and discrimination is complex – with deep roots and many misunderstandings. And yet, at a basic human level, we all want the same things. We all want to live a peaceful and safe life, with fair opportunities so we can flourish and reach our potential. It’s when these things are fundamentally threatened, that we begin to ask “why?” and end up on opposing sides of the fence.

The Oslo Desk acknowledges that fear ultimately causes insecurity, hatred and discrimination. So The Oslo Desk chooses to fight for inclusion and diversity, not through angry debate or a separatist mentality, but through constructive action to help all people find common ground.

This is why we choose to work with and for collaboration on all fronts – with both the international community and with Norwegian media outlets. Together, when everyone is at the table with their unique voice, we can truly create change together.

Our Values:

The Oslo Desk believes that the key to a strong and safe society comes from a shared sense of belonging. A place where all people, no matter their color, ethnicity or cultural background are safe and are given equal opportunity to become a part of the collective. This means that their true stories are told, their voices matters, and their contributions are valued.

The Oslo Desk believes in the untapped raw potential of Norway’s newcomers – both to uncover the weaknesses and injustices still present in our society and to bring cultural richness and new ideas to the table. By exposing the truth and providing practical, action-oriented news, we uplift the whole of Norway in the process

What potential means to one of our journalists, Matei Norbent:“Potential is like a seed, a possibility that will either become something or nothing at all. I myself think potential, as a concept, is like a wish, but the one you’re considering doing something about.”

The Oslo Desk believes that creating peace starts with the individual and carries over to society. So our stories focus on constructive journalism that inspires action and gives Norway’s residents the information they need to live transformed lives free from all forms of oppression.