’Amazed to see how life goes on’: Photographer André Percey Katombe Shares Glimpse of Post-War Congo

With Norwegian NGO Join Good Forces, photographer André Percy Moussa Didi Mbangama Katombe – who said to just call him André – travelled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo during late April to document life in a country recovering from more than a decade of war and strife.

“After a country has gone through a civil war, you kind of expect people to be down,” André said. “But to my shock, I was really amazed to see how life goes on and life has been going on.”

André is himself Congolese, but moved to South Africa as a young teenager in 1996, immediately before Congo’s descent into full civil war. He now resides in Norway. Here André talked about how he expected to return to a country beaten down by years of suffering, poverty and unrest, but to his surprise, he found something completely different – vividly illustrated in his photographs.

“For me, it speaks a lot about the determination of the people that they choose to be positive,” said André. “They choose to keep their self-pride and walk through their circumstances.”

Filmed by Ka Man Mak. Edited by Vilde Skorpen Wikan.

Vilde Skorpen Wikan
Vilde Skorpen Wikan

Freelance journalist focused on international affairs, technology and society.